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Gwendolyn Toth is the director of the New York City-based early music ensemble, ARTEK, and a soloist on early keyboards (organ, harpsichord, fortepiano). She is married to harpsichordist Dongsok Shin, and they have three children.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Concert in Sion

On Saturday, July 27, I played the recital in Sion. As I was nearing the end of the program, I remembered that once I was finished it would be the end of playing the instrument for this trip. Sad!

Here's a link to the video of the final piece from the program - Charles Racquet, Fantaisie (published 1615).

 Racquet on Youtube

The concert was a complete success; at the reception afterwards, the director, Maurice Wenger, told the assembled guests "there cannot be 2 without 3" which completely mystified me for a moment (my French is not quite up to this) and then my friend Ernst Bucher clarified that the reference was that I would certainly also play a third recital in the future. Happy!

Many thanks to Irma Bucher, our wonderful host for the days in Sion - here's a picture of Irma and her brother Ernst with me at the reception, and also one with Monsieur Wenger.

Also a picture of Dongsok and me with VĂ©ronique Dubuis, the organist who also administers the series, who drove us up and down the mountain for each practice, saving my feet and energy for the organ. Like us, she plays both historical organ and harpsichord. She was so kind to us (and so forgiving of my SIMPLY AWFUL French).

Last, a few more pictures from Sion - one, a night picture of the cathedral from Thursday night, when we visited the "Son et Lumiere" show at the base of the cathedral and castle; and a view from the Cathedral out towards the mountains and the castle (on the next hill over from the cathedral).

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