Gwendolyn Toth

Gwendolyn Toth is the director of the New York City-based early music ensemble, ARTEK, and a soloist on early keyboards (organ, harpsichord, fortepiano). She is married to harpsichordist Dongsok Shin, and they have three children.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday concert in Zeerijp

Today there was a short concert in Zeerijp.
It may be the only concert I've ever played where I biked to get there.

Dongsok and I played a 2-organ piece by using the two organ manuals, I on the lower Hoofdwerk, he on the upper Rugpositief; I played the Fuga Josquin and Belli Franciae (intabulation of Janequin's La Guerrre) from my program for Switzerland;my friend Reina and my niece sang two duets (including the infamous Cat Duet as the finale); and Reina sang a lovely solo. Yes, it is possible to play "The Gift of Love" and Copland's "Simple Gifts" on a meantone, short-octave organ...and last but not least, Dongsok and I bravely tackled Mozart's 4-hand variations on a 21st-century electric piano - lovely though the audience thought it was, no need to say more about that...

Here's a few videos:
Dongsok & Gwen playing Scronx
Gwen playing Josquin
Gwen playing Belli Franciae

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